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Hoylake Designs


Hoylake Designs web site design specializes in designs for small businesses
and individuals who want a presence on the internet. My specialties
are crafters and dog breeders.

The mission of Hoylake is to provide the best possible backdrop for your
business. The web site should not be the star of the internet, you should.
A web site should serve to compliment you and your products, services,
and interests.

On the internet you will find many sites filled with moving objects, flashing
pictures, animations and music. If you want a site with a Coney Island
feel then you do not want me to design it.
The mission of Hoylake is to make your web site represent you in the
best possible light and that does not always mean the light should be

I believe a web site should be functional, aesthetically pleasing with
minimal superfluous bells and whistles. You and your content will be
the focus not the trailing cursor.

If you agree that your content is the most important reason for a web
presence then Hoylake Designs is right for you.


Since every web site is different pricing varies. A web site with
approximately five pages, graphics site ready, links, and search
engine submissions is in the range of $250.
Monthly maintenance fee is $30 due at the beginning of the month
and includes all maintenance except a complete overhaul for the
entire month.

To receive an exact price for your site contact me.
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